North west-Based Experts in uPVC spraying

As experts in uPVC window and door spraying, Transform UPVC are able to offer a quality service to all residential and commercial properties in the North West. In the first instance, we visit your property to take a look at the work that you require. We show all of our available colours, and offer excellent support and advice to all clients. We’re able to use a ladder to complete most work, and this means that there’s no massive construction work required. Call Transform UPVC now to make an enquiry.

Transform UPVC process

A customers door we painted.

Step 1 - Remove all silicone.

Step 2 - Clean down all uPVC fittings. 

Step 3 - Sand down all units to form a key for the paint. 

Step 4 - Mask off all non uPVC surfaces. 

Step 5 - We use a degreaser to remove all grease and grime. 

Step 6 - This is where the transformation takes place, our fully trained professionals begin to spray, applying a minimum of three coat depending on the colour chosen. 

Step 7 - Once the paint has dried (around 30 mins) we will remove all masking paper and tape and clean the area. 

Step 8 - Replace all silicone with the matching colour chosen.

How Much Does It Cost?

Each home will vary in the number and size of windows and doors which makes it impossible for us to a number on 'how much does it cost'. What Transform UPVC can do is guarantee that it will be up to 80% cheaper than replacing your current uPVC fittings. Contact Transform UPVC today to arrange your  tailored free no obligation quote.

A Guaranteed Service

The paint we use is specifically designed to bond to uPVC. The interior and exterior coating offers long term protection and is guaranteed not to crack, blister or flake when exposed to harsh conditions such as rain and snow.

Contact Transform UPVC today, to find out more about out uPVC door and windows painting services.

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